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Your Scottish Pub in The Heart of RomeThe Highlander Pub 

Vicolo di San Biagio 9, Tel:    +39 0668805368 


This is the bar where we launch our venues from... It's totally cool as we play our own music and we accept a lot of requests... Now, apart from being the home  of Rome's Ultimate Party, Highlander is quite unique for a bunch of other reasons! It's the only pub in Rome where professional beer pong tables are available! Beer pong tournaments are held every Sunday but you ask for your private beer pong tournament as well!

Highlander is mostly famous as a sports bar! All major sports events are being shown here! Currently, it is the only bar where you can follow all nba and nhl playoffs live!Think of any sports you like and any event that you want to see live - whether it's tennis, golf, basketball, NFL! We are not mentioning football as that is more than obvious! The main European Leagues and the most interesting clashes are always on! 

Highlander is one of the few bars in Rome where you can enjoy some of the best draught beers in the world! On tap there is GUINNESS, McEWAN'S , NEWCASTLE, SLALOM - just to back up the Scottish tradtion! Lagers are represented by FOSTER'S and the local PORETTI.

If you are looking for a fresh pub in the area of the Spanish Steps where you will run away from the unbearable Roman heat - this is your place.

The Pink Palace

Certainly, most of you must have heard of The Pink Palace - one of the top youth destinations in The European Summer! Plenty of our customers have experienced The Pink Palace adventure before or after The Spanish Steps Bar Hop! Greece, and more precisely Corfu and The Pink Palace are on the itinerary of the  young travellers as well as Rome is! Now here is a deal for you! Anyone who shows up at the reception of the Pink Palace with one of our bracelets (as a proof that you have done our party) will receive a 10 % discount upon the total of your accomodation fee there!

The Pub Crawl Pages

The Pub Crawl Pages

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