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Our staff is unique! They are the ones who make our party unique! They are the ones who will guarantee you the incredible and most memorable experience in The Eternal City! Well, we are quite selective when we pick our team and that is what makes the big difference!!! Our staff members are smart, quite funny and generally goodlooking! They speak at least 2 languages. Most of them have degrees and experience in the International bar and club scene. They know how to have good time and how to secure the good time of our customers! Through the years we have had crews from all over the world (over 50 different nationalities) and they all have fit the frames of requirements -  enjoy the party and to know how to party and show the guests the time of their life!

Below, you have the short profiles of all our current staff members! Not all the team mates make it to this section! Only the ones who leave a definite and memorable trace in the history of our party! So, this one is a real special dedication!


 The Italian Stallion aka The King Of The Bodyshots! His real name is Alessandro Melotti. He is obviously Italian, in fact he comes from Rome and currently he is the only Roman who is in our team! How cool is that?! He has been with us for over 4 years now - and that makes him a veteran - anyone who stays with us for over a year automatically gets into the HALL OF FAME! He is Hall-of-famer but he will only go there once he retires for good and that hopefully will not happen any time soon! Melotti is a real "stallion" - girls go crazy about him. His other nickname indeed is Casanova and there must be some good reasons for that, right? The one activity you will notice at his prime is his perfection in the delivery of the bodyshot session! Alessandro Melotti is our King of The Bodyshots, having gained this title and maintaining it from pretty much the very beginning! That's him - the one & only - Alessandro Melotti!

George aka The Alcoholic or at least he is the one who claims to be The Alcoholic.... Well, we gotta admit that he definitely likes drinking! But that's a feature quite tipical for anyone who works on a pub crawl or a party like ours! George is a good guy and he will be very helpful to the guests at night. He is also one of our veterans and most experienced employees, being in the team since 2008. You might see him during the day at the Colosseum or later on at night at The Spanish Steps where he will "hassle" you to join us for a few drinks and trying to "hook" you up! Don't be afraid though 'cause he only means good! Plus, he will offer you the best party option for the night! For sure!


C(h)ristina - You can skip the "h" when you pronounce her name... or you can skip the "c" and go with the"h" instead - that's when you hit a bingo coz that's how you are actually supposed to say it! If you are Bulgarian you won't have any trouble with that, yes she comes from Bulgaria and she is dating the guy in the pic above... She has been with us for quite a bit as well and she is definitely one of our female "soldiers" - having gone through our natural "ups" and "downs" in the past 3 years. She is a real sweetheart and you will find this out a minute after you meet her! You will probably not see her in the streets of Rome to hassle you anymore as she has requalified herself as our main bartender at The Highlander! She will be the one to hook you up with a freshly refrigerated Carlsberg or your favourite cocktail!



Liam Carmichael is 100 % Scottish which automatically gives him our Highlander title - there can be only one! He is another multitalent in the team - fluent in English, French and Italian, having some remarkable features of an ex-flight attendant for Ryanair! That and his accent make him stand out and sometimes he easily breaks the hearts of the ladies! As a Scottish Casanova he recruits a lot of girls to join our bash and he says he is unable to talk to the guys... So, he is not a real hassler like the Freestyler but a gentleman like those Brittish guys! He likes football and he is decent at playing it - almost as good as Ally McCoist. Obviously, he is a big Rangers fan and he represents it always on the field! Well, let's just make it short - he is as cool as it gets! 



Stefania is a stunner! She is a real Northern Star or maybe even better - just a star. She is half Swedish and then "mezza" Calabrese - must be the best mix ever! And that makes her a star! She can smash you in three different languages including English, Swedish and Italian but that's not all! She can handle drinking and her favourite song is "The Hangover"! She is tall and she is beautiful! She looks like the Brunette Barbie and her soccer nickname is Bambi...You gotta simply love her for her skills in playing football! She is the MVP on our team and scores the most goals! So, don't take her seriously when she flirts with you because she has a boyfriend and she is faithful to him! Only that flirting to the limit is in her blood!