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I did this party two nights in a row, it was a lot of fun and I think it is well worth the money. Dirty Canadian Champion!! Whoohoo!!

Denise | USA | 2010-06-21 15:07:33


party was the shit... went to rambo night on june 9 2010... it was fun as hell... plenty of value for $20 and easily the best way to meet people... california girls kick ass... planning on going again next time im in rome

Edward Borroni | Atlanta GA | 2010-06-14 01:02:28


i went in 2008 and honestly had the night of my life....i can say i made it to the last club which is an accomplishment!!!!!

andy mignacca | canada | 2010-06-10 00:29:16


I payed 25Euro to sit on a bus for over an hour to an awful club only to spend another 20Euro for the cab back... not worth it.

Laura | USA | 2010-06-08 17:21:05


For those of you who don't want to read my whole review: I thought this was a waste of money. Anyway, my friend did this last summer and said it was amazing. He said for E15 you get all your cover charges covered, you get unlimited Carlsberg at the first place until you leave, and then you get one free shot at each subsequent place you go. Sadly, this was not the case. It cost 25 Euros, and we got free Carlsberg for the first hour we were there, which was quite nice. We only got one free shot, but that was only if you got it before open bar ended at the first place. After that they said we were going to a bar that was "15 minutes away." I went to the bathroom before getting on the bus. After 45 minutes of being on the bus the Carlsberg got to my bladder and I was uncomfortable. After an hour had passed. A friend and I asked the persona at the front of the bus if we could get off the bus at the next red light. "We'll be there in another 20 minutes," the woman working with the Pub Crawl said. We literally couldn't wait. After listening to some snobby girls (also on the crawl) talk literally right in front of us about how my friend and I were being rude by asking to get off, and that we shouldn't be so rude to the lady working the bus. We told both of the girls as well as the woman at the front that we weren't meaning to be rude; that we weren't blaming anyone, and that this would in no way inconvenience anybody but ourselves. The two girls scoffed at us, but the lady understood us. We got off in a sketchy neighborhood and managed to somehow make it back to our hostel alright. Our two friends who went on to go to the bar were equally dissatisfied. The club they went to charged TEN EUROS for a shot. I understand bars charging 5 or MAYBE even 7 for something nice, but Smirnoff for 10 euros is nothing short of thievery. The dance floor was described as being similar to a "Middle School dance." I have no doubt that other nights could be more fun, if we had not gone on a road trip to an expensive bar. However, this is what I experienced. Based on that experience, I would not pay another 25 euros to spend a night with spoiled, obnoxious snobs at bars where it costs a week's worth of groceries just to remain "buzzed."

Duncan | USA | 2010-06-08 17:14:32


Best pub crawl ever !!! Thanks for making our trip to Rome SO awesome!! We Came ... We Saw ..... WE CRAWLED !!!! xx

Carissa Claeys- Britney Elder | Canada | 2010-06-03 19:14:45


G'day, Pub crawl was seriously good fun, good job to the staff. If ever in Rome again will do the pub crawl again !!!

Dean | Australia | 2010-05-29 01:02:44


One of the best times in Italy! Great people, music and our group were shown how to party! Will be back for another round cheer ladies and gents! ciao

Jamie Cox | Canada | 2010-05-17 11:37:25


If been there 3 times on a row! It was sooo much fun! Great people, one of my greatest holidays, Thanx guyss!! I'll be backk!!!

Femke | netherlands | 2010-05-07 16:29:44


Holy Banjolies what a night! Bloody awful photos I love them! Mavs, Scott and Jules you rock. Linda lost her iPhone in the cab on her way to vatican so sorry we missed ya! Enjoy the rest of your adventures! Pub crawl crew... Thanks for the mad night!

Sian | UK/ New Zealand | 2010-04-29 12:30:50


april 21 2010, last night was awesome! most fun i had while in Rome!! yall rock

darrell gautier | usa | 2010-04-22 16:11:31


31 March, honestly the best part of Rome! Colosseum was nothing :P Can't remember the last bar, but I had a great time! Lovely staff, loads of alcohol and plenty of friends to be made, A must do in Rome :)

Stephan Thorsen | Norway | 2010-04-05 17:52:49


Thank you for a great time 26 March 2010 !

Fredrik | Sweden | 2010-03-29 20:35:12


Had the most awesom time ever.... major gaps in my memory though. still having flashbacks. If you were there on 8 Jan look me up on facebook... lekker

Neville Le Roux | South Africa | 2010-03-12 17:20:47


came with my mates last month to celebrate for our last day on our eurotrip, thought we did a bad thing by coming and going down to the first bar to see it filled with blokes but it turned out to be awesum, canadian chick on staff made up for the cockfest nd made us all have a good time. bloody awesum pubcrawl and staff!! a must if you go to rome!

ben | australia | 2010-03-07 18:44:24


Jager Bomb Night (wed, 3 march) was awesome! Met so many cool people, thanks a lot guys :D

Maaike | Netherlands | 2010-03-05 23:24:23


We had so much fun on this pub crawl we went back a 2nd night, go enjoy and be merry!

Rusty | Scotland | 2010-03-02 14:56:50


Best pub crawl in Europe! Thats what come to my mind when i think about it!

Alain | Brazil | 2010-02-17 17:00:31


I went to the pub crawl on December 30th. Had the best time in a long time. The Jager Bombs were a great addition for the night. Everyone in our party had a great time. I met some great people, but did get a chance to get a hold of them for a second night. The people I'm talking about are Karin and Sophie from Sweden. If you are reading this then contact me at

Ryan Mo | USA | 2010-01-26 07:01:47


Had an amazing time on the crawl. Best pub crawl I've ever been on. I'd definately do it again next time I'm in Rome!! Will be telling all my mates about it back home. Look me up on Facebook if you were there on the 15-Jan-2010 Crawl :D

Carlos Condack | Australia | 2010-01-17 19:25:35


Had a great time, met some great people although would have liked better wine during happy hour.

Lala | Ireland | 2010-01-15 05:16:19


Hey everyone! we just wanted to say we really enjoyed meeting all of you and had a blast! Lindsey and I both love to travel so feel free to keep in touch! Lindseys e-mail is and mine is and you can also find us on facebook. hope to hear from some of you soon!

Angela Earp | US | 2010-01-05 22:00:12


Hey Dimitri, keep up the good work! Had a great time on the New Year's Eve pub crawl and then for the next two nights in Testaccio! Looking forward to some more of your pub crawls when the weather is a bit better! P.S. you're right, sometimes the smaller pub crawls are the most fun ;-)

Marc ter Braak | Netherlands | 2010-01-03 14:34:03


I was with Vania, and you're right you can't do anything with the weather but I do remember the Pub Crawl being 6 or more bars when I used to do it from 2001-2005. Overall I had a fun time though.. When can I see the pics and the video's?

Mark Lentz | Naples, Italy | 2010-01-02 17:29:19


It was my first crawl in Rome and I actually want to come back and do more because my friends who came with me keep telling me that usually they are much better than this one was. in fact, i hadnt even resarched your company as I came entirely based on many people's word of mouth-which one should never underestimate,good or bad!They had never taken the holiday ones so maybe that is why we were under the assumption that there would be more bars visited. I did not even mind buying my drinks, i knew I would have to do that ahead of time, again, being NYE, one knows one spends more money anyway.Maybe i should have done my research too and found out what your NYE bash entailed. .. And again, my friends and I will be back, I have heard many good things about your regular crawls so I am by no means knocking your business but I also thought you should be made aware of some things for future planning. I realise you can't please everyone(and that you do not control the weather either) but if it was me running a business, i would actually appreciate the occasional negative feedback and not reply rudely because, as a business man, it also gives you a new viewpoint on how to improve/change your business. Yes, there is always room for improvement! I wish you a Happy New Year. I will not be engaging in an online debate/arguement with you, as again, I was merely bringing some things to your attention. I thank you for your time and attention in this matter and look forward to experiencing what I do hear is usually a really fun-filled evening in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

vania lamanna | italy | 2010-01-01 23:58:41


This is a direct answer to the girl below my comment! It might be even improper to leave her message on our guestbook but I reckon it’s better to keep the feedback on the website real! First of all Happy New Year to everyone who reads this! I reckon the party last night was a blast! The pictures are merely showing it (wait until the video comes out)!We had tons of people divided in 3 groups and most of them were customers who have done our party more than once. Some of them even travelled from abroad just to take part on our New Year’s venue! I definitely appreciate that effort! Now that I read the comment below I actually remember the girl because I was the on who signed her in and she was quite negatively charged from the beginning! Alas, we get those people now and then! I would not ignore the complaint from below but there is no way I would ignore all the compliments from the majority of our guests who shook my hand for the well done job! What we offered on the crawl as material benefits was something that we had always offered and we stick to that policy – only beer and wine during our happy hour! People who join us are usually aware of that! We have always gone to 3 bars on our big parties (Halloween, July 4th, New Year’s, Christmas…) and this is exclusively specified on our brochures! The bars we visited were bars we had worked with for a long time and the walking distance between those bars had always been 10 to 15 minutes! Surely, we could not predict the weather forecast and the heavy rain but this was just a little spice to the party! We all got soaked but I don’t think many people cared about it! Most of them came to the crawl to bring the New Year in style! Cheers to everyone who enjoyed the bash and stay tuned for our future venues! Peace! Dimitri aka the Party Planner

Dimitri | Italy | 2010-01-01 22:16:23


I am disgusted, disappointed and appalled by your New Year's Eve Spanish steps crawl! we paid 40 euro to get taken to 3 bars!!i would defiitely not call a visit to 3 bars a pub crawl. not to mention it was more of a very uncomfortable walk than a crawl, we walked about a mile to get to the first bar alone, then proceeded to all get soaking wet when we walked approx another half mile to get to the next bar and then again to the one after that. I paid the fare even though i drink neither wine nor beer, thinking it was worth it because we would all have a good time-my group and i were very disappointed.

vania Lamanna | italy | 2010-01-01 16:39:28


so much fun, met so many cool people, still hung over an it's 9pm. Good times.

Kate | New Zealand | 2009-12-17 23:26:26


whooooooooooooooooo bolivians! enviriaros i remember u guyss

danieee | australia | 2009-12-17 18:38:57


My friend and I won the beer challenge on the 5th november and we were told, that you guys taped the whole thing on video? But I haven't seen it? I would be GREAT if you had it and could upload it on the website! Greetings from Denmark!

Stefani | Denmark | 2009-12-07 23:09:57

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