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Your pics in high resolution on Facebook

We have now decided to post our party photos strictly on our  Facebook Page at Rome's Ultimate Party! Please, press that "like" button and get a bonus shot for the effort when you rejoin our bash!  A lot of our other venues are still hosted at  Highlander Pub - some of the galleries from certain nights will be posted on the Highlander Fan Page . To see how we party over   there  (though photos don't do justice) just click on The Highlander Photogallery! Cheers!




yeah guys that was such a good nite..goin to 2 bars and then 2different clubs made the party just awesome!!!!.. Im glad u guys had a good time...take it easy

Alex | Italy | 2010-03-16 01:44:11


man u guys really are brilliant, we had an amazing time....cheers alex..

john livramento | london | 2010-03-15 00:45:11

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