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We don't only party, we get you educated! Our latest initiative that will acquaint you with the "B Side" of town... A Free tour of Rome that will give you the best hints on what else is good to do in The Eternal City! Click  on the banner above for further info.


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Your pics in high resolution on Facebook

We have now decided to post our party photos strictly on our  Facebook Page at Rome's Ultimate Party! Please, press that "like" button and get a bonus shot for the effort when you rejoin our bash!  A lot of our other venues are still hosted at  Highlander Pub - some of the galleries from certain nights will be posted on the Highlander Fan Page . To see how we party over   there  (though photos don't do justice) just click on The Highlander Photogallery! Cheers!


  1. Thumbnail0514

    Happy Birthday to Me - May 14 2010

    14 May 2010
    House vs. Black, Bar Hopping in Testaccio, Alibi is back on track!
  2. Thumbnail0513

    May 13 2010

    13 May 2010
    Thirsty Thursday - College Night, The Gonzaga Impact!
  3. Thumbnail0511

    May 11 2010

    11 May 2010
    Ladies Night on Tuesday
  4. Thumbnail0510

    May 10 2010

    10 May 2010
    Monday Night - One Night of Insomnia
  5. Thumbnail0508

    May 08 2010

    8 May 2010
    Saturday Night Exclusive
  6. Thumbnail0507

    May 07 2010

    7 May 2010
    Friday Night Bar Hopping
  7. Thumbnail0506

    May 06 2010

    6 May 2010
    Back on track, baby! Back on track!
  8. Thumbnail0505

    May 05 2010

    5 May 2010
    Rambo Jaggerbomb Night - Blame Canada and the naughty girls from Alberta for this party!
  9. Thumbnail0504

    May 04 2010

    4 May 2010
    Ladies Night... and good old station!
  10. Thumbnail0503

    May 03 2010

    3 May 2010
    No sleep to.... on Monday!
  11. Thumbnail0502

    May 02 2010

    2 May 2010
    Americans are just too good at this game! They should make Beer Pong an Olympic Discipline and the Yanks will totally dominate...haha
  12. Thumbnail0501

    May 01 2010

    1 May 2010
    Looping it up @ Loop!