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We don't only party, we get you educated! Our latest initiative that will acquaint you with the "B Side" of town... A Free tour of Rome that will give you the best hints on what else is good to do in The Eternal City! Click  on the banner above for further info.


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Your pics in high resolution on Facebook

Here is a little photo summary of our venues! Some of these pics could be found in high resolution on our Facebook Page at Rome's Ultimate Party! You might as well "like" it and get a bonus shot for the effort when you rejoin our bash!  A lot of our other venues are still hosted at  Highlander Pub - some of the galleries from certain nights will be posted on the Highlander website . To see how we party over   there  (though photos don't do justice) just click on The Highlander Photogallery! Cheers!


  1. Thumbs20111101

    January 11 2011 Sex and The City Edition

    11 January 2011
    Ladies Night on Tuesday
  2. Jan10b_015

    January 10 2010

    10 January 2011
    One Night of Insomnia on Monday
  3. Thumbs20110801

    January 08 2011

    8 January 2011
    Saturday Night Exclusive
  4. Thumbs20110701

    January 07 2011

    7 January 2011
    Friday Night Bar Hop Rome
  5. Thumbs20110601

    January 06 2011

    6 January 2011
    College Night on Thirsty Thursday
  6. Thumbs20110501

    January 05 2011

    5 January 2011
    Rambo's Jagerbomb Night on Wednesday
  7. Thumbs20110401

    January 04 2011

    4 January 2011
    Ladies Night - Sex and the City Edition
  8. Thumbs20110301

    January 03 2011

    3 January 2011
    One Night of Insomnia on Monday
  9. Thumbs20110101

    January 01 2011

    1 January 2011
    Saturday Night Party
  10. Thumbnail1231

    New Year

    31 December 2010
    New Year's Eve Party
  11. Thumbnail1230

    December 30 2010

    30 December 2010
    Thirsty Thursday - College Night Party
  12. Thumbnail1229

    December 29 2010

    29 December 2010
    Rambo's Jagerbomb Night on Wednesday