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Rome's Ultimate Free Walking Tours

We don't only party, we get you educated! Our latest initiative that will acquaint you with the "B Side" of town... A Free tour of Rome that will give you the best hints on what else is good to do in The Eternal City! Click  on the banner above for further info.


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  1. Super Bowl Bash 2018

    4 February 2018
    Are you AmeriCAN or American't? Join the ultimate Super Bowl bash at the Highlander if you happen to be in Rome!
  2. Carnival Fever 2018 - Mardi Gras Bash

    13 February 2018
    Beads & Booze and rock 'n' roll.... Mardi Gras Bash as the tradition requires
  3. St. Valentine's Traffic Light Party 2018

    14 February 2018
    We all know the rules! Wear one of the three stop light colours to fit in the theme, put the message up voicely... or maybe just for a bit of fun: RED - no go area ::: AMBER/ORANGE/YELLOW - undecided ::: GREEN - single & ready to mingle.