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St. Valentine's Traffic Light Party 2018

14 February 2018

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St. Valentine - the day of love & wine. This is how we have labelled it through the years at the Highlander and this is how it will be celebrated this upcoming Wendnesday, February 14th. The traffic light theme is on as usual. We have lined up a few more things on top of the usual routine and will mix the pagan with the christian traditions... Paganism was before Christianity and as we all know plenty of the pagan holidays coincide with similar or indeed renamed fests in respect of the Christian Calendar. February used to be the month of celebrations dedicated to Bacchus in Ancient Rome and Dyonisus in Ancient Greece. Take it easy now... We won't be throwing those bacchanalia from back in the days. We will be very soft, romantic and civilized... We will even bring the Eastern and Western Church traditions together. The catholics are celebrating the day of the Martyr Valentine while the orthodox are doing it in the name of St. Trifon - the patron of the wine growers and producers. So, many reasons to celebrate. Enough with this little history lesson. You can all google the details up if you are curious and learn more about the origins of holidays dedicated to St. Valentine.  

The peak of our festivities will be after the end of the Champions League matches. So, 10:30 pm until 11:30 pm we are hosting our traditional OPEN BAR - all the Beer, mixed drinks, Cupido & Venere Wine you can drink in that hour. Pizza Buffet will be available for the hungry one. To access to OPEN BAR and PIZZA BUFFET you pay 25 Euro and fee includes a little tour around a couple of other bars in the centre - that's only optional. The Highlander will stay open till late. 

Further info will posted here soon. Stay tuned!


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